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Have a look through our services and see what we can do for you. Working to the highest standard we can provide you a whole range of services to help improve your property. If you are interested in a service we offer or interested in one which isn't listed below, please feel free to contact us directly and speak to one of our professional advisers.

Shell Only House Extensions

Moving house can be a costly and stressful ordeal, house extensions are a great solution to adapt your current property to your needs and to add value to your home. Working with our professionals we will be able to design a house extension that meets all of these needs, adding special design features that cater to storage.

Shell Only Extensions

We offer shell only installations, creating a property that is watertight and catering to all your plans for the property and leaving you to do the rest as you planned. The benefit of this is that you are able to get make the property exactly to what you had in mind and also save yourself a bit of money.


Garden Walls

Another way to improve the look of your home is refresh the boarder of your home. Here at RDS Building Services Ltd we can help implement a garden wall which suits the style of home you have and with our skills we can create a pattern which looks fresh. Working with our professionals we will be able to turn your garden into a peaceful place to relax, having access to a wide range of different materials we can find the perfect style for you. 

Garage Conversions

Another incredible option to increase the space of your home is to convert an unused garage into a brand new living space. With our professionals you will be able to get a few ideas of what that extra space could be, from an office space all the way through to brand new bedroom. We will begin by sitting down with yourseleves and working out the design and style that you are going for. Our team will then produce a few design options for your to choose from.

Once we have finished the project we will take you around letting you inspect the standard and see if there are any problems you have with our work. If there are any problem then feel free to let us know and we will do everything we can to put it right.


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